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Let’s Get Healthier …Together! – Kathy Micheel

Let me know if you have questions – here is my overview to reference.

May 18, 2020 8 PM CST – The last days before May 31:  We are going to be learning about how we can lock in LIFETIME at the Ultimate level tonight!

I am here to help you and others gain the better health we all pray for silently or openly. 
Prayer chains are REAL!
Ariix is here in the United States and has only been known in other countries.
LIMU has been in the United States and has only been know to a handful of us.
As of June 1 the other countries will have access to our 4 LIMU products.

Click each link for product information 
Jouvé,  LIMUNucerityNutrifiiPriime, PuritiiReviiveSlenderiiz

Below are the product catalogs with label information and descriptions
that I created to reference as of 4/16/2020.
*As always the most current information is at

AriixKathyCatalog – Jouve
AriixKathyCatalog – LIMU
AriixKathyCatalog – Nucerity
AriixKathyCatalog – Nutrifii 
AriixKathyCatalog – Priime
AriixKathyCatalog – Puritii
AriixKathyCatalog – Slenderiiz

My list of additional references. (Updated frequently.)
– YouTube links
– Compensation information
– Training information
– amd more!

March 25, 2020 – The Opportunity: Richard Tuggle, Susan Glasgow, Todd Rowland, Randall, and Murriel, an Arkansas State Pole Bending Competitor, Age 73
(Transformation include: weightloss, Diabetic off many medications, Fibromyalgia, Asthma, knee replacement not needed, etc.)

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360 Transformations happen
when you choose to make small changes daily.

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Today was yesterday’s tomorrow… What is your “why?” Why not start today?

Let’s Get Healthier…

Are you ready to Look Better, Feel Better, Live Better?

If not now, when?

Remember, you and I didn’t become unhealthy overnight. 
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Never give up on you!

“Self love is important. Make a difference in your life, and you can make a difference for others.”

Kathy Micheel