Found in the world’s most pristine waters, limu seaweed has been revered by South Pacific island natives and throughout the Pacific Rim for thousands of years because of its powerful Fucoidan supernutrient and legendary health benefits. Today, you can find both in our proprietary LIMU ORIGINAL® formula, which provides superior liquid nutrition with a refreshing, all-natural tropical flavor and packed with 5 times more Fucoidan than before.

Bursting with an advanced blend of essential vitamins and nutrients, LIMU ORIGINAL is the best-selling Fucoidan-rich nutritional supplement on the market. With no artificial sweeteners, colors or flavors, it refreshes and invigorates your body to its core.

A naturally powerful jumpstart for your health, LIMU ORIGINAL has enriched countless lives with our exclusive, certified organic LIMU Seaweed Blend, deliciously infused with tropical juice extracts and flavors from mangos, papayas, apples and pears.

Just 2–4 ounces daily can help supplement your wellness lifestyle.

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