Water Filtration System

Each Puritii Filter will provide 60-Gallons of the purest water in the world and you’ll save hundreds of dollars, and  be saving over 640 plastic bottles from polluting our planet!

How Our PURITII Filter Works?


Many filters on the market target biological, chemical or emerging contaminants but they rarely filter out all three. The Puritii Water Filter uses a proven, proprietary two-part filtration process to filter out biological, chemical and emerging contaminants.



With this proprietary, portable water filtration system, enjoy safe, fresh, clean drinking water without the cost, waste and potential harmful toxins of bottled or tap water.

FEATURES a two-step filtration process:

  • with a magnet-like electrostatic charge that traps contaminants, this proprietary pleat pack has a large surface area within the filter for a higher removal of contaminants.
  • that contains an exclusive granular blend of zeolite and coconut carbon in the center of the pleat pack.

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Puritii provides you with the purest water in the world!

 Buy Your Puritii Tritan Filtration System below


Puritii provides you with the purest water in the world!


Proprietary pleat pack – 3 unique features

1 – Functions like a net—letting more fresh clean water through keeping contaminants out!

2 – Contains a loose proprietary granular media blend of fine ground coconut carbon and zeolite.

3 – Releases a positive electrostatic charge – which attracts the negatively-charged microbial and chemical pollutants – acts like a magnet – traps contaminants, so they do not pass through.

Everything Meets or exceeds NSF and EPA standards.

—The NSF and EPA have determined which contaminants are most detrimental to our health and set limits for those contaminants BUT it’s not a comprehensive list.

—Puritii filters are tested for a broad spectrum of contaminants.

—The Puritii filter meets or exceed these standards for microbial and chemical contaminants.

Like drinking water from a straw!

—The proprietary pleat pack allows for more surface area, which allows for a greater flow rate!

—20% more usable surface area, for three times the water flow!


It’s special – but not specialized… 

—Many filters on the market target biological, chemical or emerging contaminants, but they rarely filter out all three.

—The Puritii Water Filter removes

—Chemical, Biological  & Emerging Contaminants

 Buy Your Puritii Tritan Filtration System below


Puritii provides you with the purest water in the world!

What is an emerging contaminant?

“Emerging contaminants” are chemicals that have been detected in global drinking water supplies at trace levels and for which the risk to human health is not yet fully known. They include pharmaceuticals, personal care products, pesticides, herbicides and endocrine-disrupting compounds.

These pollutants have likely been present in our drinking water as long as people have been using them, but advances in analytical technology and instrumentation have made it possible to now detect these contaminants.

Source: https://blogs.scientificamerican.com/guest-blog/emergingcontaminants-taint-drinking-water-supply


Whether you’re at home, in the office, or on a mountain trail, water is essential. See how Puritii Water is cleaning things up and providing the safest, cleanest drinking water on the planet.



EWG’s Tap Water Database

2019 Update

Since 2012, water utilities’ testing has found pollutants in Americans’ tap water, according to an EWG drinking water quality analysis of 32 million state water records.



  • Free of BPAs, BPSs or any other bisphenols, and EA free.

  • 25 oz./740 ml volume

  • Leak proof, dishwasher safe

NEVER Worry About What’s in Your Water with the PURITII Water Filtration System!

PURITII Frequently Ask Questions

How does the filter work?

The functionality of the AquaSpear and ZeoSleeve are incorporated into the loose granular media and are no longer applicable to this new filter. The two-part filtration system includes a proprietary loose granular media which contains zeolite and fine coconut carbon media blend and the proprietary pleat pack which has been engineered to filter out biological, chemical and emerging contaminants. It does so with an incredible flow rate – as easy as drinking water through a straw.

Does our filter meet NSF standards?

The EPA and NSF have determined which contaminants are the most detrimental to our health and have set limits for these contaminants. The list is not comprehensive list – but the best recommendation and frame of reference. We test for many more contaminants. You can reference those on our website for the complete list of contaminants we test for. Also, for the key microbial and chemical contaminants we meet or exceed those standards.

Why should I use a filter when I have bottled water?

While most people think drinking water from the tap is safe, they don’t realize that bacteria and viruses can be swimming in your drinking glass, and traces of toxic metals and industrial contaminants are found in nearly every city water system. The laws for monitoring US tap water have not been updated for over 40 years, and the government requires testing for only 91 out of thousands of contaminants known to be dangerous.

Isn’t tap water safe to drink?

Tap water can be contaminated with a variety of pollutants that your municipal water program may not be testing for. These contaminants are called “emerging contaminants”. For example, did you know that your neighbor’s prescriptions could be coming out of your kitchen tap? Many drugs, such as antibiotics and birth control medications pass virtually unchanged through the human body and end up back in our water supplies. Researchers routinely find dozens of pharmaceuticals in tap water samples, and even in our rivers and lakes, including painkillers, antidepressants, 12 and even worse drugs, like methamphetamines and cocaine.

​While most people think drinking water from the tap is safe, they don’t realize that bacteria and viruses can be swimming in your drinking glass, and traces of toxic metals and industrial contaminants are found in nearly every city water system.

Does the Puritii Water Filter change the pH of water?

The Puritii Water Filter slightly raises the pH of the water put into the bottle, but the change is so small that we do not reportor claim that the filter produces alkaline water. Alkaline water isa growing trend and may offer some health benefits, but these currently have little scientific backing. Every substance we take into our bodies (food, water, supplements, etc.) has an inherent pH that may be either acidic or basic. Soda, for example, is usually between pH 2-3 and is akin to drinking undiluted vinegar. Most vegetables and fruits have alkaline forming compounds. To say that alkaline water has a health effect above that of a healthy and pH-appropriate diet is currently scientifically unsupported.

Each organ system within our bodies has an inherent pH and the ability to buffer incoming substances, be they acidic or alkaline. The Puritii Water Filter removes dangerous chemicals, bacteria, and viruses that are common in tap and bottled water while maintaining the original pH (the pH of tap water is regulated to be between 6.5 and 9.5, so your tap water may be alkaline already).Because we cannot definitively recommend alkaline water from a health standpoint, we have not included that feature in our Puritii Water Filter and do not plan to incorporate it into future versions of the product.

Can I filter ocean water?

The Puritii filter was specifically designed to filter fresh water, not salt water.

Does Puritii produce “Zero Water?”

Zero Water is double distilled water that no longer contains useful minerals. Distilled water is also known as “hungry water” in that it attracts minerals from the body to itself, a process known as chelation, and is harmful for the body. Once the water passes through the kidneys, some of these vital nutrients are expelled and long-term use can result in damaging mineral deficiency. While Puritii removes harmful chemicals, toxins, heavy metals, and volatile organic compounds, it does not remove these essential minerals and it therefore does not produce what is known as “Zero Water.”

How long does the filter last?

The recommended time to change filters is 60 gallons – or about every 2 months with daily use.

Are the water filters recyclable?

The new filter saves over 450 plastic water bottles per unit. Both Puritii bottles are reusable and recyclable.

What can I filter through my Puritii water bottle?

Puritii is specifically designed to filter unwanted substances from fresh water sources. It is not meant to filter other liquids, such as coffee, soda, tea, salt water, juice, etc.

It is hard for me to suck water through my bottle, is this normal?

The good news is it is easy now! Because of how the pleat pack is designed—it allows for three times the flow rate than the old one.

After filtering, a test revealed there are still sub-stances in my water. Why is this?

Our filters work to remove harmful substances like toxins and chemicals, while leaving behind beneficial minerals for optimal health. These minerals are what is showing up on your test.

How much water does each bottle hold with the filter in place?

Available in 16-ounce stainless steel or 25-ounce, eco-friendly Tritan™ plastic, free of BPAs, BPSs or any other bisphenols, and EA-free. Puritii water bottles are leak proof, dishwasher safe and perfect for home, office and on-the-go!

Does the Puritii Water Purification System take out fluoride?

We are testing the fluoride and expect to have the testing results back soon. Check the website often for updated study results.

What does the filter remove?

Bacteria Removal: 99.9999% (including E. coli, Klebsiella, Vibrio cholerae and many more)

Virus Removal: 99.99% (including coronavirus, hepatitis A virus (HAV), poliovirus, and polyomavirus)

Protozoa Removal: 99.99% (including Cyclospora cayetanensis, Cryptosporidium parvum oocysts), and Giardia lamblia)

Parasites Removal: 99.99% (including Ascaris lumbricoides, Schistosoma mansoni, Dracunculus medinensis, and many more)

Chemical Reduction: Activated coconut shell carbon reduces chemical residue such as: waterborne chemicals, pesticides, VOCs, chemical pollutants, radioactive substances, medical residues, and heavy metals.

What makes Puritii superior to the competition?

“Log” stands for logarithm, which is the exponent of 10. For example, Log-2 represents 102 or 10 x 10 or 100. Log Reduction stands for a 10-fold (one decimal) or 90% reduction in numbers of live bacteria.

99.9999% purity is a 6-log reduction, which means the bacteria being filtered out are reduced by 1,000,000 times. Consider this:

1 Log Reduction: 90% of bacteria filtered; number of bacteria is 10 times smaller (1 in 10 survives)

2 Log Reduction: 99% of bacteria filtered; number of bacteria is 100 times smaller (1 in 100 survives)

3 Log Reduction: 99.9% of bacteria filtered; number of bacteria is 1,000 times smaller (1 in 1000 survives)

4 Log Reduction: 99.99% of bacteria filtered; number of bacteria is 10,000 times smaller (1 in 10,000 survives)

5 Log Reduction: 99.999% of bacteria filtered; number of bacteria is 100,000 times smaller (1 in 100,000 survives)

6 Log Reduction: 99.9999% of bacteria filtered; number of bacteria is 1,000,000 times smaller (1 in 1,000,000 survives)

Most competitors that have portable water bottle filters only go up to 3 or 4-Log Reduction of bacteria and is not powerful enough to filter viruses. The fact that Puritii can exceed 6-Log Reduction with bacteria and exceed 4-Log Reduction with virus is a breakthrough in water filtration technologies.

Why did the water look cloudy the first time I used it?

You may notice a fine carbon dust only with your first use of the filter. Completely safe and harmless to ingest, this is a part of the filter design and comes from the proprietary media blend of zeolite and fine ground coconut carbon.

What is the “pleat pack” and what does it do?

It functions much like a net that keeps out the contaminants—and it’s a much bigger net than the old filter. This net basically keeps the contaminants from getting through the filter.

One other unique aspect of the filter is that it emits a positive electrostatic charge which attracts the negatively-charged microbial and chemical impurities, acting much like a magnet to trap these contaminants in the filter media.

This filter is also antimicrobial.

Will the new filter work with my old water bottles?

Yes, we have a filter adapter that will work with both the plastic and stainless steel. Of course, we encourage you to try the new and better Tritan plastic bottle!

How do you store the filter?

Unopened Puritii water filters can be stored in an area of low humidity and away from extreme temperatures for up to one year.

Used filters must be dried thoroughly and placed in a sealable bag for storage. Inspect the filter before using it again for signs of mold or damage.

Is the Puritii patented?

The Puritii bottles are patented while the filter and its technologies are currently patent pending.

Can I use Puritii in high altitude/low pressure environments (i.e. airplanes, mountain altitudes, etc.?

Absolutely! But use special care because pressure can force liquid out through the straw and you may experience some leakage through the bite valve or seals. Keep the bottle right side up with the bite valve in the closed position. Remove the straw for additional protection. Expect a bit of “spurt” during the first sip. You may also open the cap to release any pressure and then close before your first sip.

What is BPA?

Bisphenol-A is an ingredient used to make polycarbonate. In recent years, there has been increasing consumer demand for a bottle that is not made with Bisphenol-A (BPA) because of medical studies linking it to birth defects, cancers, and other serious health problems. ARIIX is proud to offer BPA-free Puritii bottles with the same great properties customers have come to expect from polycarbonate: vibrant color, clarity, durability, dishwasher-safe, and with no residual taste.

How is Puritii cost-effective?

One filter is designed to filter 60 gallons or 7680 fluid ounces of water. The typical bottled water is 16.9 fluid ounces. 7680/16.9 = 454.4 which means one Puritii filter can filter about 454 typical bottles’ worth of water before a new one is needed. With the average bottle water on the go being $1.18 the Puritii Filter will save you hundreds of dollars and you will be saving hundreds of plastic bottles polluting our planet!

PURITII® Water Filtration System


Puritii Water Filter 2.0

Example of how to filter from a larger container.

Puritii Home Detox Sanitizer

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Puritii Air Purification System


Video:  30-Day Puritii Air Filter Test (3.39 min.)
11 Stage Air Purification Put to a 30-day Test
Several studies (Third party lab testing by ARIIX)


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