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Live Now and
Leave Your Legacy

Are you looking to live now and and leave a legacy for future generations?

We have been farming and raising cattle for 5 generations and counting. N, P, and K along with Magnesium levels are just a few of the nutrients we are monitoring for both the crops and our cattle.

With the New Age Brand Partners we are able to ensure that we are taking care of ourselves and others to ensure we know what nutrients were are deficient and how to get our levels back up to where our health physicians would like to see them.

Join us now or in the future,
Legacy Nutrition and Products

About Our Ariix
Grocery e-Store

Here is the link to the short video that explains about some of the products in our cupboard from "Our New Age - Ariix Grocery Store".
Step 1) Watch the "What's in your Transformation Pack" video.






Dr. Ginger explains what's in your Transformation Pack

Video Information:

  1. About Dr. Ginger
  2. Who formulates the products in the Transformation products .53
  3. Congratulation on purchasing your Transformation Pack 1.01
  4. Slenderiiz 1.13
    --- Approved food list 1.24; no counting calories needed. 1.24
  5. Rejuveniix 3.4
         --- Provides energy, immune system, and brain support
  6. MOA 5.01
         --- Safe for little kids
    --- Great for pre- and post-workouts
  7. Giving Greens 6.46
         --- 2 scoops 2 pounds of vegetables and is the equivalent of 4 of the recommended servings
  8. Pure Nourish 7.41
  9. Power Boost 8.11
  10. It is scary making changes 8.52

Q. Why purchase a New Age Membership?

A. Unlike other shopping centers where they have membership fees of $40-$100 per year for access to their discounted prices and products; our membership is a one-time $24.95 plus tax.

If you choose you may decide to earn commissions on top of just shopping from your own e-store account at a 30% or more discount.

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Disclaimer: My family and I are not claiming to be able to cure anything; I just know my body and if I don’t feed it real food it doesn’t function correctly like intended. (I have Asthma and allergies on my medical file.)

Our food doesn’t have the same nutritional value as it once did; so our family chooses to supplement and replace household items with Brands provided through our New Age-Ariix e-store account #7690616.

Remember: Your skin is a carrier not a barrier; be kind to your skin and lungs!