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You are Invited to our Team Training Call Monday Night:

Life’s Abundance Training:  Special Call for Breeders & Pet Professionals including current and future customers

MARK YOUR CALENDAR 📆 for Monday Night at 7 PM CST.

Pet Professionals want quality products that they can confidently recommend to their pet parents.

In this call, you will learn how to successfully incorporate Life’s Abundance into your Pet Pro Program. This training will benefit Breeders, Groomers, Trainers, and ANY pet professionals.

Learn a simple, duplicatable system my team uses to get 100% of our pet families started with Life’s Abundance with a 75% retention rate all because our pet parents are getting great results with these products.

You can join this call in one of two ways:

  1. [PREFERRED WAY]:  This call will be Facebook Live in our Why I Love Life’s Abundance Facebook Group.  Or you can register via Zoom on the event announcement here: OR

    2.  If you are NOT on Facebook, you may register via this Zoom Link

This call is for you and your team of customers and reps, but also for anyone interested in feeding our products or wanting more information.
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Kathy Micheel

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Judy Lowery will be our speaker. 😊

Legacy Pet Nutrition - Judy Lowery - speaker - trainer - TIOLI Moments

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