SMART Dash Scheduler: Helping you Live Your Dash Out Loud

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Do you need a virtual assistant?
Do you need an accountability partner?
 We also offer Personal Development with a 
Mentor and/or Coach. 

Many people have the skillsets you are looking for and are working from home … just like us.
We are here to help you!

Upcoming events

We will be offering another 12 week class.
The struggle is real and we are here to help you!
The SMART Dash Scheduler will be
tool to help you meet your next goal!

Testimonials are real

You have either read, seen, or heard the testimonial that you have been waiting for!
Is there one area of your life that you 
would like to work on? 

We are here to help you create your 
own testimonial about the results you 
have been searching for.

Check out our VIP Shopping

You may shop 24/7; however we encourage you to only purchase what you truly need and 
items that are the healthiest options for you. 

Suggestions that we found:
Outfit to replace a holey one,
Make-up that is a healthier option,
Supplements that are not filled with fillers,
Meal options, Journal, or other items that 
help you live better today forward than 
you were just a few days ago.

~ Healthy Living Today Forward ~

Share the big news

We have added more products and services!

More information to follow; check back soon.

Until then, keep living your best life 
one day or step at a time!

Congratulations from
Coach Kathy Micheel and Team

We are so proud of each one of you!

~ Do More of What Makes You Happy ~

FAQs tell; your story matters MORE

Charts, graphs, and slide presentations
are all great tools showing how 
products and services have 
helped other succeed.

Do you have a story of how we have helped you along your TIOLI Journey?

We would love to hear it.
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