Let’s Get Healthier …Together!

I have tried Slim Fast, Apple Cider Vinegar, Lemon Water, Fasting, Weight Watchers, no gluten, and even weight loss tapes and apps; my best result was when I participated with a group nation-wide through the Real Appeal program with my personal health coach.

The key is…

we learned to eat and exercise properly and gave one another the
support and tips/tricks we needed weekly!

Set a goal!

Be accountable to yourself…you matter! (Remember: Airline flight
protocol…take care of you or you can’t take care of others.

So true!

By not taking care of myself…I was unable to mow the yard,
hug our kids until they showered from being outside, they
learned to do their laundry because of the pollen, and
worse of all I couldn’t feel them holding my hands due to
stress. ARGH!!

After I said Yes to me and my health I got my life back!

With hours of occupational therapy, deep tissue massage therapy,
chiropractic appointments and my chiropractor suggesting I try a
gluten free and dairy free diet I slowly regained my
quality of life back.

Are you looking for a personal health coach or accountability mentor?

I am currently accepting inquiries; book your Free one-on-one discovery session soon. Time slots are limited.

You will get twelve 30-45 minute sessions with me one-on-one helping
you get clarity on what’s not working so you can begin experiencing
a breakthrough to a healthier you!

Contact me for a personalized transformation today!

I am offering a Free “deep dive discover” breakthrough session;
a $150.00 value.

Are you ready to say yes to you and your health?

You are welcome to join me and our family/friends as we look
forward to the next chapter(s) in our life’s journey.

Did you know that supplementing your current nutritional needs is a great way to start
relieving the stress of what to make for meals and start losing the unwanted pounds?

Sharing the blessing of health and wellness 
to all.
Coach Kathy Micheel