Fucoidan is known as the best F word in the English language!

For best results: EACH TIME you drink; please hold the 5x in your mouth for at least 10 seconds. 

*On the first night you receive a bottle of the Original 5x; drink 1 oz. at bedtime.
**On the following day drink 2 oz. Morning, Noon, and before bedtime; to get a really good start of detoxing.
***From then on you choose how many ounces to drink. For minimum maintenance level it is suggested you drink 2 oz. in the morning and 2 oz. before bedtime.

Example: If you have been on Rheumatoid Arthritis medicine for 20 years; then it is suggested you plan to drink for at least 20 months. The more you drink the more nutrification and detoxification your body will receive at the cellular level. 

Remember…you may be a customer and receive the discounts of a rep and not have to sell any of the Ariix products. Just tell “your why” about choosing to drink the “Vitamin of the Sea” rather than taking an over-the-counter capsule of vitamins. 

Another reference to my health coaching training and assisting doctors is our food sources are not the same as they once were in regard to nutrient dense. Ariix offers two ways to get the nutrition needed in a capsule or in a liquid form.

Congratulations if you are taking supplements; if you are not currently taking one or you would like to compare yours, the Nutrifii and the LIMU brands of supplements you are welcome to. 

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(All of the products available are chemical free, gluten free, dairy free, GMO free, and there more brand and products coming to the Ariix store.)

Click below for one of the videos to hear from my friend Pat.
Note: Fast forward to the 16.23 mark in the video.
Video link is under Pat’s picture. 


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