Origami Owl

Every locket, charm, empowerment piece, etc. tells a story!

What is your story?

Empowerment Rings
Never Give Up is the empowerment ring I choose to wear with and without my wedding set. We celebrated 20 years in April 2019.

Birthstone necklace and earrings
November and December birthstones are shown here for our two children.

What are you grateful for?
Everyday I am gratefulfor what I do and do not have.

Our children are my why!
Love being able to wear this
simple birthstone necklace.

My passion is to enjoy
the BIG and small moments!

I was featured in The Momstanding magazine on page 70-71. Click here to read the article.


I was featured in The Momstanding magazine on pages 6 thru 9. Click here to read the article.

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