Thank you for being you!
With your help…we are making a difference for someone we may or may not know.

With you choosing to take care of you … you are able to help yourself and those around you.

The airplane stewardess is correct…put your oxygen mask on first or you can’t help your neighbor on the plane or anyone else with you.

Thanks again for caring about others…remember, you are not selfish by taking care of you.

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PEMF Pulse Band and Web - Legacy Nutrition and Products - Kathy Micheel





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A Healthy Cell has 4 things.
1. Oxygen
2. Nutrition
3. Electrolytes
4. Energy
The Band and the Web will increase all of these things.


The technology attacks inflammation.
Science has found even blood pressure and neuropathy is effected by the relaxing of the vascular system.
They do not treat or heal issues. They help the cells regain homeostasis and balance so that can perform as they were intended to perform.


Enjoy your day!




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