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“Would You Like To ‘Ethically Steal’ 
Our Time AND Wallet Saver System
That’s Helping PEOPLE GAIN

The “Speed Zone” Kitchen Bootcamp is an effort to help you
save time and eat healthier like we used to back in the day…
way back in the day.
Hint: If a caveman couldn’t eat it, neither can you.

We threw in over 1,000+ “Healthier, Happier You” recipes
…Weekly 5-Ingredient meal plans, shopping lists. And now it’s your turn to do it.

…But the end result it’s a step-by-step meal guide system that’s now
helped over 100,000 people
GAIN time and SAVE money
BONUS: LOSE the pounds and GAIN muscle.

…And you can have it all for just $7.

Join our team as we walk you through exactly how this
proprietary formula works and how you can “plug it in” to your busy lifestyle.

Here’s why having this knowledge might be the ONLY way
you can get ahead in 2023 …

Warning - Register Now - TIOLI Moments

From the desk of Coach Kathy Micheel

Dear Friend,

Yes – this is for real. Yes – it’s working like crazy and is, quite literally, going to be the future of dieting.

And yes – you’re really getting it all for $7

No catch, no tricks, no hidden strings attached.

But before we go further, let me make
something abundantly clear:

Strawberry Protein Muffins - Healthy Living Meals - TIOLI Moments
Strawberry Protein Muffins
by The Healthy Living Meals Team

This” isn’t one of those “lose weight
fast” diets that promises you
flat abs 
for doing nothing.

Here’s the deal. Our formula is working great for everyday people, and I believe it can help you, too.
Believe me, it happens…

But I’m not suggesting that everyone (or anyone) who reads this and takes advantage of The ‘Speed Zone’ Kitchen Bootcamp is going to lose 50 pounds this year. I don’t know how much the people who listen in will lose – it’s likely that many or most of them will lose little or nothing at all (especially if they don’t follow through with what we teach them).

“The stubborn fat around your gut…
can finally start to melt off”

So what the heck do you do? You want to learn how to lose weight and learn it fast…right?

With that said … let me jump right in and show you …

So stop beating yourself up! Given the options you’ve had in the past, it’s not your fault.
Your luck is all about to change — 

“Exactly What You’ll Be Getting”

Four 5-Ingredients recipes (1840px x 500px)

“The ‘Speed Zone’ Kitchen Bootcamp
is broke down into 
3 Days and Reveals All our Tried and
Tested Tactics and Strategies…That Actually Work!”

If you wanted to learn how to lose weight…I mean REALLY learn it, which would you rather do?

      A) Research for hours online late at night trying to find what works?

      B) Take advantage of our easy meal plans that points everything out for you and step-by-step instructions to starting a diet that really works.

The answer is obvious, right?

Obviously it would be better to get the information “straight from some of the best in the industry” as opposed to reading it or listening to it in a potentially outdated information.

And it’s no different when it comes to losing weight or getting healthy…

You can either buy a bunch of eBooks and try to figure it all out on your own, or you can go to the experts themselves and listen to what they have to say – videos and everything in one place.

Well, if that scenario excites you, then I have very good news…

Apple Cinnamon Smoothie
by The Healthy Living Meals Team

Apples are just one of the many fruits

On your journey …you will have the opportunity to experience other fruit and spice combinations!

avocado and egg - Healthy Living Meals TIOLI Moments
Avocado Egg Delight
by The Healthy Living Meals Team

The power of greens is another way

On your journey …you will gain new lifeskills on how to prepare and eat healthier at home and on the road!

“How Women Are Finally Fitting Into Their Jeans”

And Men Are Losing Their Gut FOR GOOD… Using This Powerful
‘Speed Zone’ Kitchen Bootcamp Technique!

First of all, you need to know this isn’t like other online (or in-person) boot camps (or weightloss programs) you might have attended (or bought and tossed aside or into that drawer).

There’s no stories about our humble beginnings (that nobody cares about). And there’s no sales pitch (that nobody wants to sit through).

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Snacks. Get delicious recipes, a complete weekly shopping list that includes everything you need to start eating healthier options and more nutrient dense foods. You will receive a printable list to take with you to the store which makes everything easy.

Drop the pounds permanently and keep it off. Even if you have never worked out or are an avid CrossFit enthusiast, The ‘Speed Zone’ Kitchen Bootcamp will help you shed those unwanted pounds and live a healthy lifestyle AND save you time and money.

This would solve everything for you. Right?

Four 5-Ingredient recipes (350 × 500 px)

Yes, you will be able to eat the protein and dairy sources of your choice!

  • There are no dietary restrictions
  • You will learn to eat healthier for your body


    This is your personalized meal plan!
    – Coach Kathy Micheel

“Find and incorporatate 
your new Speed Zone you need

to enjoy more time out of the
kitchen and Lose Weight & Keep it off”

Our meals have nothing to do with quantity, it’s all about quality
ingredients and flavors. You can eat 5000 calories a day if you want.
Although I will tell you you’ll be eating a lot more food. 5000 calories
of crap is a lot smaller than 5000 calories of quality.

“Here is your BIG chance!”

Register Now - TIOLI Moments - Coach Kathy Micheel
Shop for Real Whole Food Ingredients
Learn to Shop, Cook, and Bake using
Real Whole Foods for your 5-Ingredients
with The Healthy Living Meals Team

Here’s a fraction of what you’re getting…
The one thing you can do to instantly eat better, lose weight, and cook healthy food. (Hint: It has NOTHING to do with your knowledge, your eating habits, your eating times, or the amount you eat.)

Think it’s all about the recipes? Think again!
Want a healthy dinner with less work to make it? We’ll show you the simple tweak we made using simple techniques and our Easy Meal Plans

Learn our Organic Buying Strategy How to save $2,517 per year on organic produce.

brownies-Healthy Living Meals - TIOLI Moments
by The Healthy Living Meals Team

The ‘Speed Zone’
Kitchen Bootcamp
where the only limit
is your tastebuds!

Limited Seats available – $7
Register Now - TIOLI Moments - Coach Kathy Micheel

“Ordinary Courses Are Nothing More
Than Information that’s already online”

This is NOT just another run-of-the-mill course. Actually, I’m reluctant to even label it as a course or boot camp, because it’s unlike anything you’ve encountered before, EVER.

First, let’s talk about The ‘Speed Zone’ Kitchen Bootcamp… It’s not a temporary fix, but your lifelong support system. We genuinely mean it when we say we’re here for you.

Our aim is to gradually introduce minor changes that will have a profound impact on your life’s journey. Imagine going to a gas station – would you fill your car with diesel fuel? Or when you visit the local service department, do you just ask them to replenish the windshield washer fluid, or do you also request an oil change, tire pressure check, belt examination, and don’t forget the anti-freeze for the chilly months?

Keep this is mind: your body is your vehicle for life…so take care of it now. Your parents or guardians didn’t feed you unhealthy foods and drinks from the day you were born. They made the best decision possible for the foods choices based on what was available to them.

Our recipes cater to all body types, ages, and life stages. As part of The ‘Speed Zone’ Kitchen Bootcamp, you’ll gain access to recipes from our Healthy Living Meals recipes for One or More Cookbook Series.

Kathy before and after

Before I tell you about the course itself, I want to tell you what I think about most online courses…

What is your healthy weight - chart - TIOLI Moments - Kathy Micheel
  • Is NOT a DIET… It’s part of your 360 Lifestyle Integration Change!  

  • We will help you achieve time freedom in your kitchen, optimal health and weight loss with weekly meal plans and shopping lists, hundreds of delicious recipes.  
  • Is NOT a weekend of old out-dated information: Everything you’ll hear is 100% Brand New “What’s Working Now” content we have never published or spoke about before.  

  • 100% Easy To Intermediate Content. But don’t worry, if you need the basics (or if you bring a guest and you feel like they need some basics), we’re providing some additional breakout sessions for you free of charge to get you up to speed.  

I guarantee you this… You will leave this course armed with everything you need to GAIN more time freedom and LOSE the extra inches while converting fat into muscle.

And best of all, it’s easy…

Truth from a fifth generation farm girl… our livestock cannot live on “preservatives” and neither should their owners.

The REAL Daily NEWS is one resource that is helping me and so many others stand grounded between the past, present, and living our best lives into the future! – Coach Kathy Micheel

“100% Online, Weight Loss,
Tactics and Tricks”

Yes. Eating with different colors, textures, and flavors actually encourages you to eat better. When you know you’re going to be working out-eating an ice cream or drinking a coke does not sound appealing! Eating the healthy food, that is packed with goodness will carry you through any workout or workday. You will quickly find the days you do not stick to eating The ‘Speed Zone’ Kitchen-way are the hardest to get through.

I find that if I don’t eat the best “calorie-laden” food I can’t get through the days. You eat a bad lunch before you do a workout at 5pm, and you’re going to be gassing half way through. I need those lean meats and healthy fats or I don’t stand a chance.


We’re going to talk about 3 reasons why you’re not losing weight. Plus, we’ll dig down deeper more reasons why you should be on the ‘Speed Zone’ Kitchen Track…and how to plug it into your busy lifestyle!

PLUS, you won’t have any bad habits to break or crap to un-learn.

Register Now - TIOLI Moments - Coach Kathy Micheel
Register Now - TIOLI Moments - Coach Kathy Micheel

(When I was first introduced to new recipes and styles of cooking that INCLUDED my favorite foods it gave me a ‘buzz’ the next day. From that point forward, I knew it’s going to make a remarkable change in my life. Let’s test it in your life, too!) This might sound crazy, but It’s very important that you give your body a smooth transition as you slowly introduce eating differently into your system. You’ll see how three simple changes to your eating process can literally double your weight loss. (Complete with examples.) If you are new to our TIOLI “Take It or Leave It” Meal Plan, a 360 Lifestyle Integration to cooking for a Healthier, Happier You, or you don’t know about this then we will teach you!

There’s one little piece of that everyone ignores. But this is where the secret is! You’ll discover what it is, and the simple tweak we tested for an instant weight loss the first week. (NOTE: This takes roughly six minutes to deploy.)

The result? We lost weight! You’ll see the picture and more importantly – instantly “get” the logic behind it so you can test one of your own.

mexican-stuffed-peppers-Healthy Living Meals
Mexican Stuffed Peppers
by The Healthy Living Meals Team

That’s why you’re coming behind the scenes of easy to use our
TIOLI “Take It or Leave It” Meal Plans that work in the REAL WORLD.

We Will show you ….With the TIOLI “Take It or Leave It” Lifestyle of cooking and eating, you start to sleep like a baby because you’re getting higher concentrations of magnesium. Sleeping like a baby entitles your hormones a chance to be back to their normal state. It’s like healing the cortisol levels.

…And so much more!

It’s True, the TIOLI Meal Plan has helped thousands lose weight and keep it off using the TIOLI techniques we will teach you. When you are living your TIOLI Lifestyle you will feel the difference and see the health benefits almost right away.


Register Now - TIOLI Moments - Coach Kathy Micheel

You Can Get Results Like These

Real People Real Stories - Slenderiiz - TIOLI Moments

“Everything you need to
Healthier and Get Fit with
your body in mind”


All kidding aside, this is HUGE…

Weekly TIOLI Meal Plans—including recipes and shopping lists—sent straight to your inbox. No more wondering what’s for dinner.

We simply call it “The Quick Start TIOLI Guide”.

I can’t tell you what “The Weapon” is or how it works, but here’s what it does…

  • Our Quick Start TIOLI Guide is designed
    to get anyone up to speed and
    eating for you and
    your body quickly.

  • Whether you’re doing a weightloss
    challenge, or are just interested
    in trying something new, we
    cover everything.

  • The stuff you’re relying on now simply will NOT
    work in 2024 and beyond …and if you don’t
    make changes, you will continue to
    gain weight.

  • Exactly How We Deployed Our ‘Speed Zone’ Kitchen System… And Used It
    To Lose 30 Pounds…
    And Counting

grilled-lemon-chicken-salad- Healthy Living Meals - TIOLI Moments
Grilled Lemon Chicken Salad
by The Healthy Living Meals Team

Now there are a bunch of other ‘master cleanses’ out there you’ve probably heard of and even tried.

But they simply don’t compare to the massive nutrition and cleaning you get from high quantities of pure and organic veggies!

And although these other types of cleanses help they’re often unsustainable because it’s usually NOT healthy for you to continue consuming their “juice” after the cleanse is over.

See, I told you this was completely different…

“We believe YOU 
deserve to be
the best shape 

Whether you are a do-it-yourselfer, or prefer to work with me and The Healthy Living Meals Team of experts, the TIOLI Meal Plan offers weight-loss opportunities for everyone. Let us be your personal online coach and we will create a daily weight-loss regimen just for you -based on your body and goals. No more counting calories, just track your weight loss.


The rule of thumb for hardcore crossfitters is more fat. Fat gives you energy so usually if you find your energy levels to be low, adding in more olives, almonds or other good fats will help with this.


We provide you with a shopping list that outlines everything you’ll need for the whole week. Use of leftovers and careful selection of ingredients to make things simple and cheap. Organized so you can spend the least amount of time in your kitchen or at the grocery store.


TIP: Eat Better, Sleep Better, Live Better.

banana-strawberry-pancakes-TIOLI Moments
Banana-Strawberry Pancakes
by The Healthy Living Meals Team

 You Have To Take Action To Get Results… “

At this point there really isn’t much else I can say.

If you scroll down, you’ll see the registration box that will allow you to reserve your spot. Now I want you to click on the orange “Add To Cart” button, fill out the form on the next page.

“I’m serious …do it now.” 

Get Instant Access Now - TIOLI Moments - Coach Kathy Micheel - small

There’s no reason to procrastinate or deliberate any longer. The time for action is now, because if you wait there’s a very good chance that this course WILL sell out.

And believe me, when it’s the week after the event and the forums are buzzing about all the “big reveals,” you won’t want to be the guy standing on the outside wondering what everyone else is so excited about.

So Register Now while spots are still available.

I’ll see you soon online,
Coach Kathy Micheel


Seats are LIMITED So Reserve Your Seat Now Before this Killer Course SELLS-OUT

Warning: There will be a limited number of seats available and we have a large number of people interested in this Bootcamp, so please be sure to buy now so you don’t get locked out!

But….Better Hurry, we only have a finite number of spots available and over 200,000 people on our list, so reserve your spot right now…

While we will record the event, the recordings will only be made available to course attendees.

Space is limited and you need to book your seats now, once we’ve maxed out the line that’s all she wrote.

Get Instant Access Now - TIOLI Moments - Coach Kathy Micheel - small

100% Guarantee  you’ll love this boot camp or I’ll refund
100% of you #7 registration.

Get Instant Access Now - TIOLI Moments - Coach Kathy Micheel - small

P.S. We take you thorough a 12 step TIOLI process and system that could alter your life!

What really sucks is most of you will pass this opportunity along and continue to live a toxic lifestyle.

Join me for the $7 ‘Speed Zone’ Kitchen Bootcamp now.

If you’re not on this training you are really screwing yourself for 2023 and beyond.

P.P.S. Remember, No more counting calories with the TIOLI Lifestyle. As long as it’s real food you can have it. It’s that simple.

We even provide Tips & Tricks on the TIOLI Lifestyle while eating out! Know what to order — and what to avoid — at your favorite restaurants.

Let us Keep You on Track! If losing weight was easy, everyone would be skinny. Get the extra support you need and a daily program to help you achieve your goals.

The TIOLI Lifestyle lowers your insulin levels to the point that you will be burning fat instead of storing it. No more spikes because of sugars and grains.

You’ll pay a lot more if you wait. Go ahead and jump on board now.

Get Instant Access Now - TIOLI Moments - Coach Kathy Micheel - small
The Speed Zone Kitchen Bootcamp - Your Journey - Coach Kathy Micheel - TIOLI Moments
The Speed Zone Kitchen Bootcamp - Wondering - Join today - Coach Kathy Micheel - TIOLI Moments

Q: What is the ‘Speed Zone’ Kitchen Bootcamp?
A: It’s an exciting journey where we help you streamline your kitchen processes, make meals faster, and have fun while doing it. It’s all about optimizing your kitchen time, and turning it into a speed zone.

Q: Who is this bootcamp for?
A: This bootcamp is for everyone! Busy moms, working dads, students – anyone who wishes to save time and energy in the kitchen and still enjoy wholesome, delicious meals.

Q: What can I expect from this bootcamp?
A: Expect a transformative experience. You’ll learn how to plan your meals ahead, organize your kitchen for efficiency, and whip up dishes in no time. You’ll also get to be a part of a supportive community on the same journey as you.

Q: Do I need any prior cooking experience to join?
A: Not at all! We welcome all skill levels. Our aim is to make cooking quick, simple, and enjoyable for everyone.

Q: What if I have dietary restrictions?
A: That’s totally okay. Our goal is to be as inclusive as possible. Just let us know your dietary needs and we’ll help you find substitutes and adapt our recipes.

Q: How long is the bootcamp?
A: The bootcamp is designed to be a journey that you can take at your own pace. It’s not about rushing, but about finding a rhythm that works best for you. (We have three days planned, and as long as you are enrolled you will have access to the bootcamp recordings.)

Q: Where can I sign up for the ‘Speed Zone’ Kitchen Bootcamp?
A: You can sign up right here on our website. And remember, we’re here to help you every step of the way!

Q: What if I have more questions along the way?
A: We’re all ears! Feel free to reach out to us anytime. We’re here to support you on your life’s journey to a more efficient and fun kitchen experience.

Remember, the ‘Speed Zone’ Kitchen Bootcamp is not just about cooking fast. It’s about enjoying the process, reducing food waste, and creating meals that you and your loved ones will enjoy.

Let’s make your kitchen a speed zone together!

Join the 'Speed Zone' Kitchen Bootcamp TODAY!

You are not alone on your journey. – Coach Kathy Micheel

I'm in!I'm NOT ready yet.

Are you ready to GAIN more time and a bigger wallet while you LOSE those extra inches?
This is your life’s journey and I am here for you. – Coach Kathy Micheel

Get Instant Access Now - TIOLI Moments - Coach Kathy Micheel - small

You are the only person that can make you happier and healthier. If you are healthier, you are happier. I am here for you today, tomorrow, or whenever you decide that now is the moment to take care of you even more so that you can be there for yourself and others.

Note: You are not being selfish, you need to take care of you to be able to help others.
#justverbit #yourtiolijourney #liveyourdashoutloud

Every moment is your choice to “Take it or Leave it.” You just have to decide if you are ready to “verb: cook, clean, prep, move, eat, re-budget, etc.” now or later. – Kathy Micheel

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