Who doesn’t love a Sneak Peak!?!

You never know what you don’t know if you don’t ask or research something!

If you are unsure if you are meeting your body’s needs you may decide to:

  • The Slenderiiz Approved Foods List
  • Participate in our 21-Day Detox Program
  • Participate in our 90-Day Personalized Transformation Program
  • Commit to creating a Personalized TIOLI NEWS Program with us
  • Eliminate a food or food group from your current meal plan
  • Add in different foods that you normally would not consider
  • Add in supplements or change your current supplement brand and/or
  • Incorporate other options as they become available to us and to you!

These seven 360 Lifestyle Transformation actions are just some of our programs and strategies we have available to help
you along your TIOLI Journey to a Healthier You!


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The lifestyle change you are looking for may be just 12 sessions away. Even after our first session together you will have a new
mindset change or shift that is needed to get you started on your Healthier You journey.