Grounding Yourself is Essential

Have you ever considered the power of the earth beneath your feet? It’s called Grounding, or Earthing, and it’s all about connecting your body to the earth’s natural electric energy. This can be as simple as walking barefoot outside, or using special grounding devices like mats, sheets, or bands. Far from being just a new-age trend, there’s growing evidence suggesting that this practice could have a positive impact on your health.

Among its benefits, grounding can help reduce inflammation in your body. Now, inflammation is your body’s natural response to injury or infection, but when it becomes chronic, it can lead to serious health issues like heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. By making contact with the earth, your body absorbs negatively charged electrons which help neutralize the positively charged free radicals contributing to inflammation.

Grounding doesn’t stop there. It can also enhance your immune function. A study found that grounding for just an hour significantly increased white blood cell activity, which is crucial in fighting infections and diseases. Plus, it may even improve your sleep quality. Participants using a grounding mat while sleeping reported feeling more rested and had fewer complaints of pain, stiffness, and stress.

It’s true, we need more research to fully understand the potential health benefits of grounding. But the early evidence is promising. So, why not take a moment to connect with the earth next time you’re outdoors? Did you know, your body might just thank you for it!

But why navigate this journey alone? I’m Coach Kathy Micheel from TIOLI Moments and I’m here to help you with a “Take It or Leave It” approach. Every moment is your chance to make a choice for your health. Remember, taking care of you is necessary so you can take care of others. Let’s discover the benefits of grounding together!

Book a time with me and let’s start your wellness journey on a grounded note. – Coach Kathy Micheel

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LifeWave - Activate your stem cells with the Glutathione patch placement - TIOLI Moments

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You are the only person that can make you happier and healthier. If you are healthier, you are happier. I am here for you today, tomorrow, or whenever you decide that now is the moment to take care of you even more so that you can be there for yourself and others.

Note: You are not being selfish, you need to take care of you to be able to help others.
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Every moment is your choice to “Take it or Leave it.” You just have to decide if you are ready to “verb: cook, clean, prep, move, eat, re-budget, etc.” now or later. – Kathy Micheel

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