Some Reasons to Enjoy the Sunrise, DAILY!

Hey there! Bright mornings are like a daily invite from nature, full of possibilities and potential. As the sun peeps in and the world wakes up, there’s more to it than just the break of dawn. It’s a golden opportunity to kick start your health and wellbeing.

Just like you, the sun has a lot to offer. Its warm rays are a natural source of Vitamin D, a vital nutrient that aids our bodies in soaking up calcium – essential for robust bones and gleaming teeth. Plus, it’s a mood-lifter, helping to brighten our mindset and alleviate signs of depression. So, let the sun put a smile on your face!

But the sun’s gifts don’t stop there. Ever wondered why you feel more alert and energetic during the day? Thank the morning sunlight. Its blue light keeps the sleep hormone melatonin in check, helping us transition from sleep to wakefulness. The result? Feeling fresh, alert, and ready to conquer the day!

And there’s more! The morning sun also doubles as a natural skin guard, with antioxidant properties that shield us from damage caused by free radicals. It’s linked to lowering the risk of several cancers, and it boosts the production of melanin, our skin’s natural UV ray defender.

So, how about embracing the morning sun? Take a leisurely walk, enjoy a cup of coffee outdoors, or simply draw back your curtains to let in the sunlight. Start today, take a moment to walk outside and let your body, mind, and soul thank you!

Remember, the REAL Daily NEWS of Nutrition, Exercise, Water, and Sunshine/Sleep are essential for your wellbeing. And if you need a little guidance or just want to discuss more, feel free to book a call with me, Coach Kathy Micheel, TIOLI Moments. Every moment is a chance to “Take It or Leave It.” Remember, your wellbeing is vital, not only for yourself but also for those who depend on you from sunrise to sunset.

Take care, and let’s catch the sun’s early rays together! – Coach Kathy Micheel



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You are the only person that can make you happier and healthier. If you are healthier, you are happier. I am here for you today, tomorrow, or whenever you decide that now is the moment to take care of you even more so that you can be there for yourself and others.

Note: You are not being selfish, you need to take care of you to be able to help others.
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Every moment is your choice to “Take it or Leave it.” You just have to decide if you are ready to “verb: cook, clean, prep, move, eat, re-budget, etc.” now or later. – Kathy Micheel

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