Let’s Get Healthier …Together!

I have tried Slim Fast, Apple Cider Vinegar, Lemon Water, Fasting, Weight Watchers, no gluten, and even weight loss tapes and apps; my best result was when I participated with a group nation-wide through the Real Appeal program.  The key is we learned to eat and exercise properly and gave one another the support and tips/tricks we needed weekly!
Set a goal, be accountable to yourself…you matter! (Remember: Airline flight protocol…take care of you or you can’t take care of others.)

So true, by not taking care of myself…I was unable to mow the yard, hug our kids until they showered from being outside, they learned to do their laundry because of the pollen, and worse of all I couldn’t feel them holding my hands due to stress. ARGH!

In October 2017, I added Fucoidan found in the LIMU products to my daily routine because of its natural anti-inflammatory value. Today my asthma and allergies do not flare up on a daily basis. (Now I can help scoop in the barns, mow the lawn, and so much more!)

In September 2019, I was introduced to all of the current products in Ariix House of Brands.  So thankful to have added these health and wellness products as needed for myself, family, and friends. Puritii Water BottleSlenderiiz dropsGiving GreensOptimals M and V, and Omega-Q are some of the products I have taken. As you will see in the attachment or on my website that there are many products that are available. Also, the Slenderiiz Program is available to everyone and you are welcome to download my eBook to help you. I created it to help me stay on track and not gain the weight back like so many others who tried the Sanford Profile and other weight loss programs available.

Review the Ariix product labels and see for yourself why myself and so many others are feeling better today than ever!

Click each link for product information JouvéLIMUNucerityNutrifiiPriimePuritiiReviiveSlenderiiz 
(Then Click the AriixKathy Catalog link for their product labels.) 

Since sharing my LIMU-Ariix Transformation story I have added the Nutrifii products of Vinali, Moa, BioPro-Q and have tried their Slenderiiz Shakes. 

You are welcome to join me and my family/friends as we look forward to the next chapter(s) in our life’s journey.

Sharing the blessing of Ariix to all,
Kathy Micheel

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Click each link for product information:
JouvéLIMUNucerityNutrifiiPriime, PuritiiReviiveSlenderiiz
(Then Click the AriixKathy Catalog link for their product labels.)

360 Transformations happen
when you choose to make small changes daily.

My Free eBook is available to help you along your 360 transformation.

Ask me about my transformation
and those of our team members.

Face book group: 360 Transformations
YouTube: Information about some of the Ariix products and Experience Packs
Zoom recording: Listen to Pat Klepper as she shares how to drink LIMU Original 5x.  (Pat starts at about the 16.23 minute mark)


Redirect Your Spending,
Have a Transformation, and then
Help others do the same!

Today was yesterday’s tomorrow… What is your “why?” Why not start today?

Let’s Get Healthier…

Are you ready to Look Better, Feel Better, Live Better?

If not now, when?

Remember, you and I didn’t become unhealthy overnight. 
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Never give up on you!

“Self love is important. Make a difference in your life, and you can make a difference for others.”

Kathy Micheel

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