Ask Kathy

Where did my sister go? (December 2019)
Yes, I have lost a lot of weight…it has been good for myself and my family. Ready to hike that mountain again! Harney Peak is now know as Black Elk Peak.

Did you pack your inhaler? (Most of my life AKA as since 2nd grade.)
I no longer have to use my Asthma and Allergy medicine as often or in normal situations. I can now hug our kids when they are covered in known allergens and even mow the lawn without a flare up!

Wow, you look amazing…how did you do it? (Others have felt comfortable asking me since January 2017, turned 40 in July of 2016.)
Thank you, I did it gradually. A half a pound a week which adds up to 25 pounds in a year!

Do you always eat healthy? (Every time we go out to eat…please don’t stop asking to meet for lunch or supper. This gal still likes to eat.)
No, I have drinks and treats in moderation. State Fair food…not passing up my favorites!

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I am Jessica Broadway, and this is my LIMU Experience.

At the tender age of 17 I filled out a 10-year plan, projecting I’d have career in counseling, be married and have a house full of children. It was a simple dream but it was my dream.

12 years later, I was 29 and leaving my house before the sun comes up, driving 70 miles to a job I was no longer passionate about. I was losing money on sick days or even worse, using vacation!


I was exhausted physically. Financially I couldn’t afford to get ahead, let alone entertain the idea of leaving the workforce to be home with my kids. I was a tired, sick, overworked … read more


Before I found LIMU, I was a high school educated carpenter for 14 years, building log houses in Whitefish, Montana. A lull in the construction business forced me to try a job in sales, where I was miserable! I quickly figured out that trying to meet quotas from a cubicle just wasn’t for me. Although I had very little financial success in my first company, I loved the support and business model.

In September 2011, I was introduced to the LIMU Experience® and dove in headfirst. I received a phone call from a longtime friend of mine who mentioned that he and his wife were leaving a 5-figure monthly income to start over with LIMU, where they could help more people succeed. I figured if they were willing to do that, I could surely leave my company, where I was struggling.


We are Carlos and Karen Crespo, and this is our LIMU Experience.

I’ll never forget the morning my then future husband called me on Sept. 11, 2001. He said, “Turn on your TV, we have been attacked!” Then he said, “This changes everything.” And it did.

When we had made plans to spend our life together, war, countless deployments and separations were NOT part of the dream. I was a high school history teacher and had high ambitions for my career. But being a wartime Marine Corps family came with heavy challenges. I gave up my career to stay home with our children and provide a sense of stability in our chaotic career in service to our country.

We are blessed with four amazing children, but, let’s face it: they’re expensive. I had read an article once about a stay-at-home mom and millionaire who credited her success to building a business from home. I thought, “If she can do it, I can, too!” So, I dabbled in a few direct sales and network marketing companies, but could never get them to work. In frustration, I gave up! But fortunately, a dear friend loved me enough to … read more

I am Michael Smith, and this is my LIMU Experience.

I am excited about LIMU for lots of reasons, but a little backstory might help tell you why. You see, I usually get labeled as the life of the party but that is so not the case. A lot of people don’t know this about me but I’m an extremely shy person. I grew up with a huge self-esteem issue from being an overweight kid and I struggled with social acceptance.

A career as a truck driver found me in my late 20’s and, although I hated it, it was the perfect match for me. It allowed me to be alone with the one person I knew wouldn’t judge me and make me feel ashamed … ME.

I first heard about LIMU when my fiancé Shelly Allen had a severe medical condition and was referred to LIMU ORIGINAL® to see if it would help improve her situation. When she said “You know, you could make some money at this LIMU thing”, I flat out said “Nope, I ain’t doin’ that”. In my mind, to be in LIMU I had to be professional, which I’m not … I had to look professional, which I don’t … and I had to talk professional, which I can’t. But I finally agreed to attend a … read more

"We left that night much different..." - Pastor Clark Snow

I am Clark Snow, and this is my LIMU Experience.

Our story starts in March of 2016. I pastor a church in Arkansas, where my wife and I were invited by a couple in our church to come hear about something. They didn’t even tell us what it was. Tamara and I headed to the party that night and I asked her again if she knew what we were going to and she said, “All they told me was they wanted us to hear about something.” My response was, “If they’re selling something, I’m not buying any.” I only went because I didn’t want to hurt this couple’s feelings … after all, I’m their pastor.

The party was at a restaurant, and my plan was to listen to what they had to say, eat and then leave. That night as the party continued – and as the product and testimonies were given – my mind began to open. My critical attitude began to change, as I started thinking about people I knew who needed this product. We left that night much different than when we arrived. A couple of days later, we …

"...the secret to success is to help, help more and keep helping. Many things in my life have changed as now..." - Hector and Fabiola Salgado

We are Hector and Fabiola Salgado, and this is our LIMU Experience.

I was born and raised in Mexico City, growing up in a family with my three beautiful sisters and three brothers, all great men. Our mother, a wonderful woman, raised us to do good and help others regardless of praise or attention. My father taught us our work ethic as he worked from sunup to sundown, all to support our family and assist Mother Tere with her charity work.

Growing up, life was not always the easiest and at a young age I worked two jobs to help my family make ends meet. I matured quickly and realized I did not want to live the rest of my life this way. So, I began to study taekwondo, a discipline that changed my life. It taught me respect, self-control, loyalty and above else, to have an indomitable spirit. My dedication landed me a spot on the Mexican National Team for the Sydney Olympics. Unfortunately, in a competition before the Olympics, I suffered an injury that tore the ligaments in my left knee and at that moment, my competitive career in taekwondo ended.

Without the support of the National Team to assist me with a much-needed operation, I decided to move to the United States. With a lot of sacrifice and the adversity that many immigrants face and understand, I achieved my goal. Throughout it all, I kept my faith alive, telling myself that God has a plan and knows the reasons for why things occur.

With hard work and faith, my wife and I opened a Mexican restaurant followed by an American restaurant. I returned to taekwondo and began teaching two schools, while my wife opened her own beauty salon. We were living the “American Dream”, but the reality was different. We never had time to spend as a family, and our income was constantly being used to cover the expenses of our businesses. Despite our hard work and constant efforts, we did not have financial freedom and our family life …

"The feeling of being a married man and wanting to provide for my new family was very disappointing as we struggled. I couldn’t even afford to take my wife out to eat or on dates that I knew she would love. I tried to go to bed the night after hearing the..." - Justin and Kristina Martin

We are Justin and Kristina Martin, and this is our LIMU Experience.

I’m Justin Martin and I am a 24-year-old that just graduated from college and will start dental school this coming summer. My wife, Kristina, is a beautiful 23-year-old full-time nursing student. When Kristina and I first saw the LIMU opportunity, I couldn’t sleep that night knowing the poor financial situation we were in and the potential I saw in LIMU to be able to turn our quality of life around financially, while helping others!

Kristina and I had been married for 4 months when we heard about the LIMU opportunity. Kristina was a full time nursing student and I had a job in our local town at a factory that was barely paying the bills. I was finding out fast what it was like to work all day and watch all the money you just made vanish as one income was attempting to pay two sets of bills! The feeling of being a married man and wanting to provide for my new family was very disappointing as we struggled. I couldn’t even afford to take my wife out to eat or on dates that I knew she would love. I tried to go to bed the night after hearing the LIMU story, but couldn’t knowing we had just got back our refund check that was just enough to get started with the BMW pack. It was hard to believe the growth potential that LIMU could provide for us at literally no sign up cost, all we had to do was drink the product! I had never heard of …

Meet Jim Clark

Jim Clark – Rancher, Auctioneer & Contractor

"I had to almost kidnap my sister to get her to do this for me. She had been by my side watching me waste my money and starve myself on diet products in the past. Well, she changed her tune when..." - Cindy Thompson

I am Cynthia Thompson, and this is my LIMU Experience:

Diet after diet, I had tried everything! I would lose some weight, gain it all back and then some. Then, I was invited to a LIMU Experience party in October 2016. Unfortunately, I couldn’t make the meeting itself due to other commitments, but my friend, Teresa, told me I could come early and check out the products. I went early and talked a bit to Krystal Schmidt about what the LIMU products could do for me. Teresa offered me the opportunity to come back and bring one of my sisters and taste the products.

I want you to know I had to almost kidnap my sister to get her to do this for me. She had been by my side watching me waste my money and starve myself on diet products in the past. Well, she changed her tune when we got to …

"... I would always find some excuse to not be available. But after about a year of researching the products and the business plan, I knew.." Randy Milliron

I am Randy Milliron, and this is my LIMU Experience.

I joined LIMU in November of 2016, started drinking the products every day and went 2K VIP in just 15 days. I was a pretty healthy person and worked out regularly, but was stuck on a plateau. I started drinking LIMU LEAN shakes every morning, having a BLU 2 every day, and working out over my lunch hour. At my 3-month wellness check-up, I was surprised to see that after drinking LIMU for only 3 months and working out regularly, I was looking at my best wellness results in over 10 years. I could not only run without pain, but I could run longer and faster than I ever had before.

The health benefits didn’t just stop with me. My wife, an eighth-grade PE teacher, went a full school year without ever getting sick. Our son, who never made it through a basketball season without missing multiple days due to a cold or the flu, went an entire season without getting sick once!

Some people start their LIMU business for the health benefits from the amazing products, but my story was a little different — I needed to find a way to bring in some extra income. We were facing $25,000 in mounting credit card debt and I had lost $20,000 in salary after taking a new job. I needed to find something to help make ends meet and getting another job was not the answer — that just meant …

"it allowed us to build relationships and connections with others to help better their lives." - Ashley Paulson

I am Ashley Paulsen and this is my LIMU Experience.

As I sit here and begin to write my LIMU story, I can’t help but take myself and my thoughts back to LIMU LIVE in Ft. Worth, Texas.

Three-time Olympic Gold Medalist Rowdy Gaines stood on stage with a white piece of paper, a story that will be awarded with the next awesome prize. We listened quietly as he began reading … and with the very first sentence, my eyes teared up. I knew, I just knew. I quickly got my phone out to record Rowdy reading this amazing story, recording with quivery arms and happy tears. He read a whole story about the most important person in my entire existence, a single mom who had never given up hope for her family or for herself, always placed them first, and always provided guidance and love; a person of strength and encouragement, and a strong believer in LIMU. This story was my mother’s story. This story was my story growing up, her story growing up, her passion, her life and her ever-giving love.

She was diagnosed with breast cancer three years ago, fought it and then we found out her cancer was back and had spread to her lungs, her liver and her spine. The next few months were extremely hard as she underwent treatments and fought her fight once again. She still had LIMU earnings coming in to help pay for treatments and out of pocket costs, so money wasn’t something she had to stress about. Our family can thank LIMU for those deposits every week to help pay for these things that life unexpectedly throws at us sometimes.


Never give up on you!

“Self love is important. Make a difference in your life, and you can make a difference for others.”

Kathy Micheel

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