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We recommend you start with
the LifeWave X39 Patches.

Activate your stem cells with the x39 patch - TIOLI Moments

Activate your Stem Cells

Support natural wound healing process
Maintains healthy inflammatory response

The Patch

Enjoy becoming a healthier and more youthful you!

Do you eat lobster? 

Do you believe in the power of science?

Our Future is our Past

Lobsters have lived for many years. They regrow a claw as needed. How is that possible?

You are what you eat

Why not eat healthier and simpler. Our ancestors ate what they could find. They ate for their body type and so do we now. 

It is sometimes hard to find the “in-season” fruits and vegetables that we want and need.
If you are struggling to eat all the right amount of minerals and vitamins then …
click the link below and compare our label to yours.

Optimal M

Brand: Ariix

Optimal V

Brand: Ariix

Magnical D

Brand: Ariix

Did you know?
When you supplement your current nutritional needs it is a great way to start relieving the stress of what to make for meals and start losing the unwanted pounds?

Gut health is important. Here is some information to get you started supplementing today.

Vitamins and Minerals for Adults and Kids

Probiotics and Prebiotics

Yes, you may have that Sweet Treat.

1. How did that make me feel?
2. Am I able to take one more bite and then let the rest set?
3. Do I crave more of this, if so … how can I make it a bit more healthier?

– Coach Kathy Micheel and The Healthy Living Meal Team

Did you know that my favorite treat is ice cream?

Tip: Add a splash of wine and top with almonds.
Note: The serving size of the ice cream is where most of the calories are.

– Coach Kathy Micheel

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Are you ready to save time and a bit of expense  on your next meal?

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Here’s to creating your own wonderful memories in your kitchen adventures!
Coach Kathy Micheel and The Healthy Living Meals Team

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